Looping Moondog

Moondog fans in Germany, this is on tomorrow evening in Bochum:

“Looping Moondog two part canons, four part canons and six part canons with amazing Wolfgang Sellner cello and loop box and Stefan Lakatos on trimba percussion.

The cellist Wolfgang Sellner studied in Paris and Berlin, was a fellow of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Member of the Cologne “Miro String Quartet” and has been principal cellist of the Bochum Symphony Orchestra since 1991. He will play a fine program with Moondog loops together with Moondog expert and Trimba player of Stefan Lakatos”.

For more info on the venue go to: http://www.coolibri.de/veranstaltungskalender/wohnzimmer%20bochum.html

Moondog on the Keys

Performance: Monday, March 25, 2013 19.30
Grammatikoff, Duisburg, Dellplatz 16 A

Stefan Lakatos peforms ‘Moondog on the Keys’:

“Moondog trimba percussionist Stefan Lakatos and Mariam Tonoyan piano, presents the piano works by Moondog. ‘Moondog on the Keys’ is a brand new project by Stefan Lakatos. He is known world wide as one of the most extraordinary percussionist, and the leading exponent of the Moondog method of drumming. In the young Armenian classical pianist Mariam Tonoyan, Lakatos has found a true musical companion to share Moondog’s music with a new generation.”

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Stefan Lakatos and Mariam Tonoyan performing

Moondog abides

JeffBridges & Moondog

The Dude

To celebrate the Dude’s 15th anniversary LA Weekly have done a great piece on the Big Lebowski and most importantly the soundtrack. There’s a page devoted to Moondog and Stamping Ground (page 4). Thanks to Keith Plocek for a great piece and mention for the film.

Britten Sinfonia

Saturday, October 27th, 2012, 7.30pm

The Britten Sinfonia is reviving its acclaimed Moondog project with Joanna MacGregor this autumn at London’s Barbican Centre. Featuring some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians the orchestra will perform a special arrangement of Moondog’s Sidewalk Dances.

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An excerpt from our Moondog project recorded at the 2007 London Jazz Festival


Performance: Friday, 29th July, 2012, 9pm

Those talented folks Hobocombo are playing Moondog music in Berlin on 29th June.

Hobocombo re-interprete some of Moondog pre-minimalist tunes, canon based songs and his odd snaketime rhythms with drums, double bass, electric guitar and voices.  The result are beautiful and hypnotic songs, with a contemporary psychedelic feeling.  For more information you can check out their Facebook page.

Hobocombo live @ Covo Club, Bologna, Italy (21.1.2011)

Happy Birthday Moondog

Moondog’s Birthday: May 26, 1916

Happy Birthday Moondog! It was on this day in 1916 in Marysville, Kansas that Louis Thomas Hardin was born. In celebration the lovely and multi-talented Janice Wong (better known to many of you as ‘Moon’ on Moondog’s Facebook page) has put out a free download of her cello version of Bird’s Lament.

Moondog – Bird’s Lament performed by Janice Wong on cello.